7 Reasons to Read The Art of Dying/Love


Following are a few excerpts from the first 3 chapters.

1. Invitation from Angels
Angels from another dimension; Jaguar, a Mayan king and Star, Mayan Royalty invite Celeste and Steele into their other-worldly home in the afterlife. Then recruit  them to help save mankind.

2. Finding your deceased Grandmother
Steele and Celeste find Louise: “I spun around and there she stood. It was my grandmother Louise, though she was much younger, appearing to be in her mid-40’s. “Can’t be!” I exclaimed… “You are, ah, well, you passed away over 18 years ago.”

3.Science: Jaguar Speaking
“Scientists such as Feynman and Hawking have explained this world as multi-universes. Or the many-worlds interpretation of quantum theory, and Superstring theory as directions in space and time. This interpretation is quite accurate, with only one thing missing: the higher vibration at which those universes and our bodies must resonate in order to make the transition–to graduate to this world.”

4. Suspense: Steele, and Star Speaking
“The hush was deafening. It had been only seconds, before I caught my breath and became aware of the screams and sudden frenzy.
Some of those screams were mine.”
“RUN!” Shouted Star. “We have healers to attend him, you must get beyond the veil before it is too late. And remember–be careful. We will contact you soon.”

5 Technology: James, Ian’s Father Speaking
“Jump technology, sounds like it belongs in a science fiction story. It’s not right. Or is it?’
Something in the back of his mind liked it. James thought the technology was on to something. But what? Virtual reality wasn’t enough; that scared the shit out of him. ‘Then some smart-ass geek, my son of all people, had to take you, body and soul, into another dimension to play a game. Wonder where your body actually goes when you Jump? It can’t be safe.”

6 Knowledge of the afterlife: Louise Speaking
“I have some advice that will help you for now. Learn to understand and manipulate your dreams. Dreams are a bridge to help you understand this new dimension. When you learn to consciously use your dreams, we will be able to visit and communicate any time you want. Until that time this will help.”

7. Reconciling Relationships:
That was the best Christmas Eve that James could remember. They all laughed, played and visited for hours. His grandkids were such a delight! Far past bedtime, among protests, Ian told the kids to get to bed. Of course, that was after they left cookies and milk on the hearth of their fireplace.
“Ian, Jasmine, thank you for a wonderful evening,” James complimented. “You have both done a wonderful job raising Alek and Kristen.”
“No thanks to you, dad.” Ian looked at his father with contempt.