Louise’s Notebooks

Notebooks with secrets to a universal understanding were given to Steele by grandmother Louise before passing on.Louise BW

Photo of Louise by Al Gibes

Louise Anderson saw her diagnosis of six months to live as her ‘Greatest Adventure.’
This book is a collaboration, with many insights and wisdom from a series of notebooks written by Louise Ann Parrish Anderson, pen name Allison Ross, documenting her process of dying. Louise recorded conversations she had with Soul entities she referred to as GA’s. These GA’s have lived many lifetimes.
Louise called her Soul friends GA’s, or Guiding Angels, not Guardian Angels, as many call them. She would always say, “Because they do not guard, they guide a person along life’s path.” This is a unique collaboration of the GA on the other side, Louise between dimensions and myself living in the here and now.  We’ll attempt to bring light to this dim dimension of the in-between.
This introduction has an excerpt from a series of articles published in the Daily Sentinel, written by Nancy Lofholm, as she chronicled Louise’s recollections of her life and expectations about her death.
Louise wrote her notebooks with the intention of three parts:
1. Art of Dying
2. Ethics of Dying
3. Etiquette of Dying–code of behavior
GA’s instructed, “The sections of your Dying Books–you have mis-named ‘The Ettiquette, Ethics and Art of Dying.’ It is invalid, since there is no death– the three section are to be titled: ‘The Ettiquette, Art and Ethics of LOVE.’ The decorum, creative application and moral principles, the fundamental Truth.”
Louise stated, “I do not want to be drugged and dragged across the border–but to go with awareness and appreciation. — A Soul search with as much honesty and courage as one infinitesimal earthling can muster for its beginning cosmic awareness.”
“This book is no empty pretentiousness, but comes from a long lifetime of commitment to searching for hints to Truths. From early childhood experiencing death at the turn of the century during the grim Victorian-Edwardian era of black-veiled women, black-windowed hearses, drawn by black horses.”
“At the age of thirteen I lay awake nights puzzling over the mystery– What is time? Why? How come they say it’s this way? When something inside me suspects… no one knows there’s more to this mystery than anyone here and now even suspects.”
“Then decades later, being a Gray Lady with the Red Cross at the V.A. hospital after WWII. Then studying for seven years with a very advanced psychologist… Dr. Boroff– never ceasing and re-searching for glimmers of answers.”
“I hope and trust that the doctors who attend me in these last months will be interested in, or at least honor the passionate commitment of one minuscule person’s search along the borderline. A search for a few more shards that humankind has found broken, over the ages, for some basic and ultimate Truth.”
“I suppose I never really ‘belonged’ on planet earth… but merely took this life on as a project for examination or exploration. But of course that’s what it really is, for all of us humans. Only most people don’t bother to consider the basic whys and wherefores of our sojourn here. Hence the arrogant dictatorial assumptions of our sundry societies self-designated ‘Wise Ones,’ not content merely to argue among themselves. They must stir up their followers into frenzies of little loyalties and enormous destructive hatreds, until poor old planet earth, which would nourish all, becomes the target–the enemy, marked for destruction. Well, well now! So here are my diatribes.”
Nancy Lofholm – Daily Sentinel wrote, “So Much To Do, So Little Time.”
“With an I-give-up toss of her hands, Louise tips back in her favorite easy chair and laughs like a school girl over the prospect of dying. ‘It’s going to be the greatest adventure of my life, but I don’t know how in the world I’m going to get everything done before my time comes.  There is so much to do and so little time. Where do you start when you have six months to live?’ True to character, Louise started with a flurry of tea parties, it’s not possible to visit without an invitation for tea. When not socializing she was busy marking her possessions to divi up among her family and friends, and looking for answers to questions on her journey toward understanding death.”
Author’s Note–Following are excerpts directly from Louise’s notebooks. Nothing was changed, other than to type the hand-scribbled notes, in order to give the reader a feeling for the communication between Louise and her Guiding Angels (GA).
These are the first passages in the many notebooks written during the last six years of her adventure on this planet–in the body many knew, and loved as Louise. Let’s take an inside-out view from one of earth’s grand explorers.
GA: “ Few have ever dared explore the In-Between…
Come! Come
with us now!”
“If the language of these dictations seems deliberate, its because we are not ‘hep’ to your current ever changing language.”
“I see you are looking up the word amanuensis –stenographer, copyist, secretary–well yes that is as good a word as any for what you are doing”.
Louise: “It occurs to me that one reason for my continued, or renewed, remission–may be that my GA’s needs to train another amanuensis… and that I am still in the midst of translation.
Twilight or Dawn? This
Dialogue in Darkness by
the not-yet Dead…”
GA: “Well now! This is what you earth persons might say: ‘Is one for the book!”
GA: “It’s not often that we hear Earth persons complaining that what they had assumed was their death schedule has been postponed… with no definite time set.”
Louise: “How come me?  I’m not a psychic!”
GA: “No but you’re available, and willing.”
Louise (bluntly): “I’m curious, I seem always to be exploring the edges,
You’d think I’d be to playful for work as serious as this.”
GA: “Oh no! We always prefer a blithe spirit to a doleful one. But the blithe are as you USA Westerners might say, some what harder to corral.”
Louise: “I have a feeling it’s my ‘blithe’ spirited mother who got me into this!”
GA: “Possibly. But you know there is a whole coterie of blithe Spirits on both sides of the borders.”
Louise: “How do you select your symbols for us?”
GA: “We use the materials at hand.”
Louise: “Why do our insights come so late in life?”
GA: “Not always late in life, but when insights are truly looked for, and listened for in silence.”
Louise: “Why all these ridiculous dogmatisms of our infinitesimal human species?”
GA: “Remembering is not enough. Re-experiencing is necessary for Soul growth.”
Louise: “Puzzling over the horrendous task of moving me and my possessions to a new place and thinking of what must be mind-boggling traffic from here to higher realms.”
GA:  “But of course you must know that Souls have no such heavy paraphernalia. The sooner the Earth Soul learns to strip itself of possessions–possessions that are the possessors… the freer is the Soul for all its new adventures.”
Louise: “If this book is to be an honest investigation of Dying… then I must investigate and experience all aspects, the dark as well as the Light.”
GA: “You have no real way of interpreting Death here, because when you experience it you are already on the other side.”
February 23, 1993 – 6:00 am
Louise: “Now entering the second month of my 87th year, I dedicate this beautiful gift of book, of waiting white pages to the last stages of my this-earth-time transition toward the next-stage of ongoing Soul evolution. May a few more incites lighten, brighten–not only my own darkening way but also the inevitable way of a few others who may read herein. Guidance from Light to bright for our mortal eyes to see… I pray now only for glimmerings.”
“It is evidently not enough to theorize. I started this project with a sort of blithe carelessness. Well if I’m going through a process that has generally been examined only by outsiders, why not discover how it really works?  On all levels, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, but the only true participator. Who but the experiencer can really know?”
“A year later I find myself in the midst of a script being written, read, and performed… a sort of half glorious, half nightmarish, half enlightening happening, or rather happenings. I am honor-bound to follow through to the end… whatever, however that “end” may be. Obviously I, as a karmic being expect this dying process to reveal itself as merely another bridge in the whole series of crossings… so for now… to be continued.”
February 26, 1993
GA: “The Cosmic Creator is never as some earth people think repetitious.  Always innovative, always relevant creations of meaningful variations.  Patterns that seem, to the untrained mind, to be the childish scribblings it-itself might have produced, are of course, so far beyond even the higher levels, that all lower levels can only be expanded into awe.”
Louise: “How am I to know what is authentic in these bits of wisdom?”
GA:  “You may never know here, but inadequate as your here and now is, receive the glimmers of Light with as much wisdom and gratitude as your ever-growing Soul can muster.”
March 6, 1993 – 2:30 am
GA: “On Going Home. You’ve been in our dimensions far more often and far longer than your brief assignments of explorations to planet Earth.”
June 29, 1993 -3:00 am
Louise: “I must be extremely cautious, that I do not let my dreams get mixed up in this experiment. Yet at the same time be aware of some significant symbols in dreams that may have a valid importance in this inter-dimensional awareness research.”
“One wonderful thing about living a long life, is that it gives you a chance to discover patterns. To perceive how that long-ago incident repeats itself in this–a slightly different way, but never a random way, all to form a meaningful event and enlightening an ever-growing significant pattern of holiness.”
June 30, 1993 – 6:00 am
GA:  “This in-between world does indeed need its own codes of etiquette, art and ethics…”
Louise: “Life’s greatest miracle is ours every day, and we do not even perceive it, much less appreciate it: That every meal we eat to nourish our own uniqueness we partake of the world, the whole earth’s bounty. From the seas of foreign lands to the range of our own little home lands these crumbs of the planet’s bounty are miraclized to become energetic, thinking, creative you and me. The miracle not only of uniqueness, but the Cosmic given the ability to perceive and foster our own uniqueness, as our particular way of contributing to the evolution of our own little world.”
July 4, 2002
RB Anderson: It’s ironic, that Louise took six years to finish her notes, and here I am, taking steps on a journey that started six years ago when my wife and I sat at the bedside of my dying grandmother Louise Parrish Anderson.  “Rusty,” my grandmother always called me by the all-but-forgotten family nickname,  “Rusty, I don’t have the strength to finish this. Would you take my notebooks and bring them to completion, would you finish it for me after I go on?”
I anxiously agreed. After all, she and I had talked and written each other on many occasions during the last years of her life. It shouldn’t be that difficult. Ha, who was I kidding? She has been writing about the process of dying–death is a tough one to tackle. And it has taken me many years to write this story of “Two Worlds.”
Louise is a remarkable lady, seeing cancer as her greatest adventure, her next grand step.
It’s all in that first step. The first steps of life’s journey; the first step into the egg of life, then leaving your mother’s womb, your first cry, the awkward first time you walk, first- kiss, love, job, marriage, child–on and on to that first step after leaving our body into the vast unknown…
This novel is a fiction based on Louise and her GA’s insights. Though the plot is fictitious, the underlying story is based on universal truths.  You determine what is fiction and what is real. As in life–the line is quite blurred.
You did it, Louise. You made it.
We all knew how this chapter of your story was going to end. But this is not a story about the end, but about the in-between and the beginning.
This is a Love story.