TwoWorlds Excerpt from Chapter 17

“Concentrate, Little Hawk, come back to us…come back…”
“I’m trying, Jaguar, but I can’t return. I do not feel the way.” Akira was lost, cold, so cold. Space around her was more than black. It was devoid of color, of substance, of existence. She ached to return to her free, floating hawk, where everything was so bright, so clear. ‘That is not real,” she thought, ‘or is it?’ The hawk was more tangible than this nothingness.
“Follow me,” came Jaguar’s crackling voice. A spark flashed in the blackness, out in front of her, vanishing in darkness. Flash.. there ahead. Yards away? Miles away? Discernible distance did not exist in this blackness. Another… and again…then again. This time the golden spark arced a short distance–an electrical charge, twisting, turning. Lightning-sparked legs struck like bolts from a slender cat-like form, springing forward through the darkness. Akira followed the luminous electrical discharge as Jaguar lashed through the void.
“Good! Stay with me, Little Hawk.” Jaguar bounded ahead–lightning striking with a purpose, a direction of being, a destination. He sprang ahead with the grace of a cat, combined with the blind fury of an electrical storm.
Akira did her best to keep up. The current was leaping far ahead with every spark. Far off came Jaguar’s voice, rattling like distant thunder: “Feel where the lightning is going to strike, not where it has been.”
Reaching into the distance Akira felt an electrostatic charge in the atmosphere. Excitement coursed through her being, as she realized the colorless non-existence had turned to this magnificent electrical torrent. She threw all of her essence into a leap of faith aimed at the building electrical field.