TwoWorlds Plot

Earth is balanced on the razor edge between darkness and light. Tipping to one side allows mankind the ability to graduate to a higher state of consciousness. Slipping to the other side leads to self-extinction. Unknowingly Steele and Celeste a young couple wanders into another dimension where our souls go after death, there they find their deceased grandmother. They soon learn that they have a unique ability to cross between dimensions, where they also meet helpful advanced souls Star and Jaguar, who explain that this plane of existence is mankind’s evolution to a higher universal understanding.  Furthermore secrets to this dimension were given to them in notebooks written by grandmother Louise before passing on. They are suddenly thrust into a world of love and deceit, caught between government and church, afterlife and hell, greed and selflessness, youth and experience, where constant conflict forces decisions that will determine man’s existence.

In the suburbs of Denver, Colorado, a technology wizard has invented a means of travel that artificially uses this higher dimension as a springboard to  Jump between locations.  A corrupt government official hires a mercenary soldier to steal this technology to use for his own agenda.  Little does he know, or care, that the overuse of this Jump technology will destroy mankind’s ability to evolve, perching humanity on the brink of annihilation.
When the final climactic battle ends, the world is transformed.

This novel is inspired by a series of notebooks written by RB Anderson’s grandmother Louise Ann Parrish Anderson, who saw her diagnosis of six months to live as her ‘Greatest Adventure.’ She chronicled the process of dying, sharing insights and wisdom from conversations she had with her Guiding Angels (GA), Soul entities that have lived many lifetimes. The GA’s instructed that the title ‘Dying’ should be changed to ‘Love. This fiction is a unique co-mingling of ideas from Louise and her GA’s in another dimension, interpreted and expressed through a unique tale wove together by RB Anderson