Wordsmithing, the Artistic Brush Strokes of Writing

Writers create pictures similar to painters or photographers which reflect the
ethos of a time and place.

Like painting, writing is a grueling and a lonely business and, unless you are extremely lucky, badly paid as well. You had better really, really, really want to do either.

The pay for painting and writing is that the artist has control over a small portion of their life.

“Artists are people who say, ‘I can’t fix my country or my state or my city, or even my marriage. But by golly, I can make this square of canvas, this eight-and-a-half-by-eleven piece of paper, or this lump of clay, or these twelve bars of music, exactly what they ought to be.”
–As Kurt Vonnegut noted

Unlike painting writing is limited by the set of symbols that make up the language being expressed. Though thoughts, ideas, and imagination are not limited. Only the expression by nature has limits. On the flip side painting is not as concise as writing in-as-much-as the paint can be interpreted in a multitude of ways.

Painting and writing consists of the basic skills of arranging thoughts, through paint or words, into a semi-permanent form for others to appreciation. Or in some cases others disapproval. Both forms of art are often very personal representations of the artist’s ideas and views of life. So the work acts as therapy, maybe vanity or even ego. Though when others appreciate or even benefit from the expression then the reason for all the fuss becomes worth the effort.